Stretching the future by design – In conversation with Christian Bason

How can we expand and go beyond “design thinking”?

The third of our global talk series will feature Christian Bason, a political scientist and CEO of the Danish Design Centre. Drawing on his recent book, Expand: Stretching the Future By Design, Louise Pulford (CEO, SIX) will explore how expansive thinking across six key areas—time, proximity, value, life, dimensions, and sectors—can provide radical, useful solutions to a whole host of current problems around the globe – from transforming the ways we do business and reimagining health care, to creating planet-restoring housing and humanising our digital lives in an age of AI. How can we expand and go beyond “design thinking”?

ESIA Global Dialogue Series is an online conversation series that aims to expand social innovation knowledge across borders and sectors. We will be connecting not only with global social innovation leaders in Europe but also from other parts of the world. Each conversation features a global thinker and doer who will shed light on thought provoking ideas, useful tools and methods and inspiring examples of social innovation.