Co-creating the city: Innovating for impact

Social Lab Symposium 2019

SIX partners with Make a Difference Institute in Hong Kong to co-create a unique one day conference on social labs.

The social challenges we are facing nowadays are complex. They can no longer be solved by traditional planning methods and technocratic approaches. Instead of solely relying on social policy, every one of us has a role to play.

Collaborative and bottom-up approaches are the way forward for global cities around the world. People running the cities are embracing urban co-creation projects in order to gain access to the collective knowledge from NGOs, social enterprises and everyday citizens.

The Jockey Club Make a Difference Social Lab in Hong Kong is an epitome of such co-creation methodology. Social Labs provide opportunities for citizens and government officials to conduct collaborative experiments on addressing community needs. From libraries and parks, to streets and markets, Social Labs bring us away from our desks to co-create innovative solutions with and in the community.

During this unique one day conference, you will learn more about Social Labs and similar initiatives from around the world. You will hear successes and challenges from overseas speakers, and their true stories on what it means to change the system, from both inside and out.

Presenting lab cases from different geographies:
The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (Australia)
Public Policy Lab (New York)
La 27e Région (Paris)
Think City (Malaysia)
Regional Innovation Center, United Nations Development Programme