SIX Wayfinder Final Symphony – A global concert for urgent times

Join us for an immersive listening experience, as art becomes a bridge in social innovation.

About this Event

Join us for an immersive listening experience, as art becomes a bridge in social innovation, helping us ‘wayfind’ by holding future vision while rooting in presence.

We will introduce the work, then you can listen to the final symphony, followed by a chance to stay behind to chat with the artists.

Programme (3pm – 4:30pm GMT)

  • Introductions from SIX
  • Listening to the symphony together
  • Opportunity to meet the artists and someone new, from somewhere else in the world

Whether it’s the start or end of your day, join us with a coffee, a wine, to lie down, or just to look away from your computer for 30 minutes. Immerse yourself in the sounds, hopes, connections and memories of 2020 to re-energise as you head into the new year. We promise it will move you more than any post-event report!

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What is the shape of social innovation in urgent times?

2020 was no ordinary year. So the SIX Wayfinder was no ordinary event. We transformed our 2-day conference into a 9-month project – a metaphorical symphony in four movements.

Our metaphorical symphony became real. Our emerging score came to life.

We commissioned six Artist-Composers (a harpist, a filmmaker, a jazz musician/tap dancer, a composer, a poet and a painter) who went from being individual creators who had never met, to a makeshift orchestra across continents and time zones. By tuning in to our individual and collective stories and sounds, listening deeply, practicing together and journeying through a shared experience, we can grasp shared meaning and shape mutual action in these urgent times.

In this final movement No.4 – Magic, we will share back the individual compositions and the collective symphony offered by the artist-composers and reconnect everyone who’s been part of this Wayfinder journey and beyond. For eight days, we will come together to reflect on the highs and lows of the journey, what it has meant for all of us and where we are wayfinding forward.

We invite you to join us for eight days of magic to experience and feel the shape of social innovation in these urgent times.