Livable Proximity – In conversation with Ezio Manzini

Reshaping Europe – A global dialogue series, this time in conversation with Ezio Manzini on his recent book, Livable Proximity

About this event

Ezio Manzini is a leading thinker in design for social innovation and sustainability and the founder of DESIS. Louise Pulford (CEO, SIX) will talk with Ezio about his new book, Livable proximity: Ideas for the City that Cares, and discuss what it means to build a city starting from the life of the citizens and an idea of livable proximity, drawing on examples and commitments from cities such as Milan, Barcelona and Paris. 

About Reshaping Europe – A global dialogue series

Reshaping Europe – A global dialogue series is an online conversation series organised by the European Social Innovation Alliance (ESIA) that aims to inspire and provide insights for social innovation ecosystems in Europe. We will be connecting not only with global social innovation leaders in Europe but also from other parts of the world.

Join our conversation with global thinkers and doers who will shed light on thought provoking ideas, useful tools and methods and inspiring examples of social innovation. We will be joined by speakers including Geoff Mulgan (UCL), Ezio Manzini (DESIS), Christian Bason (Danish Design Centre) and others.

About The European Social Innovation Alliance (ESIA)

The European Social Innovation Alliance is a joint project of Centre for Social Investment, Danish Design Centre, Danish Social Innovation Academy, Diakonie Schleswig-Holstein, FASE GmbH, Foundation for Civil Society, Glasgow Caledonian University, Institute for Work and Technology, Phineo gAG, Social Entrepreneurship Netzwerk Deutschland e.V., Shipyard Foundation, Social Enterprise Estonia, Social Innovation Exchange, Tallinn University, Technical University Dortmund, Võru County Development Agency with the lead partner Social Impact gGmbH and is funded by the European Commission via the European Social Fund and the European Programme for Employment and Social Innovation.