SI Canada’s Social R&D National Practice Gathering

SIX will be joining the Storytelling session on 30 March at 12:00-12:50 pm EST / 17:00-17:50 BST.

Do you use innovative social research practices to better understand and address social issues? Do you draw on experimental approaches like prototyping, human-centred design, social labs, data measurement, or ethnography in order to solve complex social challenges? Do you want to share with and learn from other Social R&D practitioners?

We will invite 3 Artist Composers from SIX Wayfinder to discuss how their identities, race and gender have shaped their work in arts and work with their communities. They will discuss how art is leveraged in local communities, addressing exclusive histories by restoring music and art with its authentic roots as innovation.

You can register here for SI Canada’s Social R&D National Practice Gathering.