How can we bridge the gap between design and social innovation? SIX lecture @ RCA

SIX lectures on Design and Social Innovation at RCA, London

Venue: RCA, London,

January 24, 10:00 – 13:00

There is a lasting need to reshape and innovate the services we are offering citizens and the strategies we approach and tackle social needs and solutions with. Service Design as a discipline sits in the hart of solving these challenges, and educating future service designers with an in-depth understanding of social complexity and innovation is of key value for individuals and for the public as a whole.

On January 24, 2018 SIX will run a 3-hour lecture on Social Innovation and Design at the Royal College of Arts in London.

The session is developed and facilitated for students at the master programme for Service Design – an education program with three main focus areas: service innovation, value creation in the public sector, and envisioning future service experiences.

The objectives for the lecture include a basic introduction to social innovation and an elaboration of different approaches of social innovation and projects carried out with this lens.

Furthermore we will be working with the concept of social resources and societal outcomes and doing so introducing cases to show the broader landscape of social innovation practice.

Last but not least, we will be working specifically with the role of design in creating and delivering value in the context of social innovation. 

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact