From Wenceslas to Festivus: Co-creating alternative Christmas traditions

Living in London can lack a community spirit, something that is at the core of this festive period. With social isolation on the rise we want to use the Christmas period as a time to address and tackle this challenge by bringing people together, regardless of age, faith and background.

A unique collaboration between the Service Design Fringe Festival and the Social Innovation Exchange, this event will take place on Tuesday 12th December at 7pm. During this session, we will be service designing new traditions for the festive period.

The idea is to craft new concepts for traditions that transcend specific religions and welcome all. We will look at what works well in current traditions and communities and implement them into our new invented tradition.

7pm Tuesday 12 December, venue TBC
There will be drinks and a free tote bag included in the ticket.
Book now! Places are strictly limited.