Connecting social innovation in Scotland and in the UK

How can we create a more connected UK social innovation ecosystem with stronger transnational ties to Europe and beyond?

This is the question we are asking at a critical moment in history. We are facing unprecedented societal challenges, from global pandemic, climate crises and technological disruption. The political polarisation further hinders the capacities of societies to imagine a more sustainable, inclusive and fairer futures for all.

In this era of crises and uncertainty, we believe in the power of social innovation. We need to harness the power of diverse insights to co-create new solutions for the future through collaboration and exchange. We must continuously learn from unlikely suspects and work together to find new ways of solving collective challenges we face.

SI Connect is a new initiative which aims to create a better, more connected UK social innovation ecosystem across the regions, with stronger transnational ties to Europe and beyond. It is part of an EU funded consortium project, the European Social Innovation Alliance (ESIA), which supports the establishment of national social innovation competence centres across Europe. We collaborate with four other ESIA consortium partners, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and other partners in Europe to promote social innovation and learn from each other.

This event will mark the beginning of the SI Connect initiative in the UK and will bring together social innovation leaders, researchers and practitioners in Scotland. We will start this first conversation in Scotland this year but we aim to expand the conversation across the UK in the next stage. During the session, we will introduce our vision and aims of this collaborative initiative and we’d love your insights and contribution to co-creating the future of SI Connect.

We are holding 2 repeated sessions on 27 October and 28 October. Please select the time slot that is most convenient for you.

Join us in this journey of connecting and growing the UK-wide social innovation community!

What the session will cover:

  • Introduction to SI Connect
  • Getting to know each other in the SI ecosystem
  • Understanding Scotland social innovation ecosystem in Scotland
  • Co-creating SI Connect

*This event is organised by Glasgow Caledonian University and SIX.