APSIS 2020: Reimagine Asia: The next wave of Social Innovation

Supported by the Taiwan government, advised by the Digital Minister Audrey Tang and organised by the Impact Hub Taipei, this year’s Asia-Pacific Social Innovation Summit (APSIS) theme is “Reimagine Asia: The next wave of Social Innovation”. 

SIX is one of the global partners in driving the discussion of the future of Social innovation. This is also part of our bigger work to build the Asia Social Innovation narrative and to build learning exchanges with our Asia social innovation thinkers and doers. 

At APSIS, social innovators from around the world will jointly discuss the great revolution of social innovation. These are the few questions we are asking:

  1. What kind of future do we want in 2030? 
  2. What can we learn from past experiences which is helpful to draw up a better future blueprint? 
  3. How can people from different generations and different countries work together to move towards a more promising future? 
  4. How can social enterprises exert considerable influence in a challenging future?

Join us in the conversation now!


Date: 21 Sept – 25 Sept 2020 

Format: Online event

Register here: http://apsis.tw/


SIX Global Dialogue: Social Innovation for Resilience – the Taiwan Approach

If you have missed our SIX Global Dialogue with Audrey Tang, you can watch it here