2019 Future Innovation Forum & Global Advisory meeting

Cities are places of paradox.

While cities are where you see the population, resources, and output rapidly increasing, cities are also places of inequality, discrimination, democratic retreat, and ecological destruction. Cities are places of potential, with experiences, relationships, diversities and differences — of collective wisdom and alternatives, that can lead us to a new future against this paradox.

Social innovation must ensure that the paradox of city and the wisdom within it are creatively connected. With this lens of ‘urban commons’, will enable all those who live in the city or experience or visit the city, to ‘own’ the city together.

This year’s Future Innovation Forum in Seoul is titled Toward the Urban Commons of Conviviality and will explore what commons means in a megacity context such as Seoul and ways in which ‘commoning’ can work. You can find the programme here.

In connection to this Forum, SIX will design and facilitate Mayor of Seoul’s Social Innovation Global Advisory Committee meeting. Established in 2016, the Committee’s expertise provides Mayor Park Won-Soon with global perspectives on the challenges facing his city. Read more about the global advisors’ perspectives on future trends for innovative cities.