Engineering Change Lab – Sharing the Latest Lab Thinking

The Engineering Change Lab is a platform for collaboration to allow individuals and organizations from across the profession to take action to address the systemic challenges (i.e. ethics failures, lack of diversity, and low levels of innovation) that have been holding back the profession’s full potential.

Engineering Change Lab hosted their 5th highly successful workshop in Montreal where they shared the latest synthesized Lab thinking regarding the higher potential of the profession in the form of a proposed 20 Year Vision.  As this presentation was so successful in catalyzing dialogue, in order to further progress their Lab’s goal of deepening shared understanding, they decided to film the presentation as a resource to help engage individuals who were not at the workshop and collect their diverse perspectives. 

You can access the series of presentation in this video playlist

They are interested in hearing feedback based on the following questions:

  • What are the biggest opportunities for the profession associated with the proposed vision?
  • Biggest challenges?
  • To what extent does the proposed vision represent the higher potential of the profession and why?

You can email your responses to before June 17th. 

You can also check out their website: