Philanthropic Responses to COVID 19 – a global scan and provocations for the future  

Case Study

What are the most innovative ways philanthropic organisations have pivoted to support grantees and communities now and in the future?

As COVID-19 started to take hold of countries and regions around the world in Spring 2020, SIX began developing a global scan exploring the most innovative ways in which philanthropic organisations around the world have been pivoting in order to support grantees and communities now and in the future.

We wanted to better understand the picture of global philanthropic responses to COVID-19 and its effects, across time and space – not just in Europe or North America. We were interested in the how more than the what, how many of these changes were good or would stick, who did they benefit, and what would these changes mean for the way funders operate in the future?

Follow this link navigate the stories, insights and provocations that we’ve developed as a result of this work.

With special thanks to:
  1. Aga Khan Foundation (AGKF), Kenya
  2. Beautiful Foundation (BF), South Korea
  3. Bedford and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF), UK
  4. BMW Foundation, Germany
  5. CAF Russia, Russia
  6. Firetree Trust, Singapore
  7. Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF), South Africa
  8. Gulbenkian Foundation, UK
  9. Haiti Community Foundation, Haiti
  10. Headwaters Management, USA
  11. ICE, Brazil
  12. Innovation Edge (IE), South Africa
  13. Kate Frykberg (KF), New Zealand
  14. Kilimani Project Foundation (Kilimani), Kenya
  15. Kindred Credit Union, USA
  16. Lemann Foundation, Brazil
  17. McConnell Foundation, Canada
  18. Nesta Italia, Italy
  19. Open Society Foundation (OSF), USA
  20. Reconstruction Women’s Fund (RWF), Serbia
  21. Robert Bosch Foundation, Germany
  22. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), US
  23. Star Ghana Foundation, Ghana
  24. Suncor Energy Foundation, Canada
  25. Twikatane Community Foundation, Zambia/UK
  26. Whitman Institute, USA
  27. Zambia Governance Foundation, Zambia