Design thinking and strategic planning in practice

Case Study

Workshop series on theories and practices behind designing, planning and creating impact in fast changing times

This workshop series introduces the theories and practices behind designing, planning and creating impact in fast changing times. The modules enable participants to seamlessly integrate innovation mindsets, tools and skills into their programmes and interactions, improving confidence in this new way of working and ultimately maximising your impact.


In fast changing and uncertain times, finding ways to make an impact inside large organisations with power dynamics internally and externally can be difficult. 

So we wanted to provide a training that helps staff of complex organisations to understand and apply social innovation mindsets and tools to real life experiences, to understand different contexts and scales of change, and map processes, possibilities and capabilities in order to better lead and plan for the unknown, and create positive environments for change.

Our approach

The programme is practical, interactive and built around real life experiences within every organisation. SIX uses a coaching style for all its training programmes, designed around the needs of the participants, rather than an off-the-shelf programme.

All SIX trainings are:

  • Highly participatory, relational and practical (and enjoyable!)
  • Applicable to daily work – based on real time experiences from participants
  • Equip teams with tools and techniques to use beyond the course
  • Focussed on exchange and interaction, not listening and absorbing information

We propose approximately 10-15 hours training, divided into 5 sessions over 2 or 3 months (according to schedules). Additional coaching and support from the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) team can be requested throughout the journey.


By attending these workshops, participants will gain the ability to:

  • Understand and apply tools and models to present day experiences
  • Create a positive environment for change
  • Iterate and experiment on work in real time
  • Align and work better together as peers, teams and with partners
  • Zoom in and out different contexts and across scales of change
  • Manage internal and external pressures
  • Design, plan and lead with flexibility and trust in times of change

“Civilisation is only chaos taking a rest.”
– James Geary from The Art of Looking Sideways