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Peter Ramsden

SIX gets the emotional climate right in a meeting, enabling people to share and learn

Who are you and what do you do? 

Peter Ramsden Managing Director of Freiss ltd.  I work on helping cities and other actors to learn about how to design and implement difficult policies.  I have been doing this partly through the EU funded URBACT programme and partly through other initiatives

What drives you? 

Social justice – trying to address inequality and find better ways to empower citizens.  I’m also interested in achieving system level change through more integrated approaches.

What was your first encounter with SIX?

I attended the SIX summer school in Lisbon in 2009 after some informal contact with the Young Foundation (which I worked for back in the early 80s).

What has been your most memorable event or encounter with SIX? 

The first Unusual Suspects Festival that I attended in London in 2014. I think this was the first one. We went to the café in Shoreditch which charges by the hour not by the cup. We had a session on food, which I thought was very insightful.

Who has been a memorable connection you've made through SIX? - who this was, where you met them, what this has led to (either a personal friendship or professional opportunities)

I met Park Wonsoon now in his third term as mayor of Seoul back in 2009 he was head of the Hope Institute in Seoul.  We met at the Lisbon summer school.  He was so modest that I did not realise he was about to become one of the most innovative and well-known mayors in the world.  I learnt that those who talk loudest don’t always do the most.

How has SIX influenced or changed the way you think about/do your work? 

It has reinforced the view that we need to work more across the public, private and third sectors and I’ve learnt a lot about how design thinking can shape policy. SIX gets the emotional climate right in a meeting, enabling people to share and learn.

How do you think the influence of SIX has helped shape social innovation in your city/region/country?

Not enough, I live in Brexitland. We have been going backwards for 3 years. 

What is something you would like to work on with SIX in the future?

Making and repairing things.  I think people in Western societies needs to rediscover their hands.  It also raises consciousness about our throwaway society.