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Ada Wong

Job Title: Founder of the Make a Difference Institute

SIX has expanded my world view and systemic thinking.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Ada Wong, based in Hong Kong, and I run the Make a Difference Institute and the Good Lab.

What drives you as a individual? What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about bringing change to Hong Kong, in particular social change. I am also passionate about helping citizens to feel empowered in order to drive social change themselves.

What was your first encounter with SIX?

I heard about SIX from Geoff Mulgan. He was in Hong Kong and came to visit my school, it was a school for creative studies, and he told me about SIX. Later on, the first SIX event I joined was the Summer School in Singapore. From then on, I think I have attended almost every major SIX event.

Who have been some the most memorable connections that you have made through SIX?

I’ve met a lot of like minded friends, who have subsequently become collaborators. So recently I worked with Chris Sigaloff, formerly of Kennisland, to evaluate the social lab programme i do in Hong Kong together. For Chris and myself, the social lab method is relevant for tri-sector collaboration in change and engagement processes, whether it is in Hong Kong or in elsewhere, and we look forward to working with other people interested in social labs. I also look forward to meeting other people within this network to learn from them.

I am also bringing new friends to the network. So for instance, at the recent Wayfinder event in Istanbul, there were two more people form Hong Kong, not just me.

How do you think SIX has influenced or changed the way that you think about your work?

SIX has expanded my world view and systemic thinking. In Hong Kong, you are sometimes unsure of whether your activities and engagement are relevant in the wider ecosystem. Being involved with SIX has meant I have been able to meet changemakers from different countries and cities. This has helped me realise that all over the world there are people working in similar ways to yourself. Systems are very difficult to change, but in order to change them I think it is important that these individual dots are joined up. That to me is the value of SIX.