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The SIX 100

The SIX 100 are our partners and our inspiration. They are leaders in their fields and a vital part of the SIX community. Above all, they are our friends.

SIX values the exchange between like-minded individuals who connect because they have something in common. Our organisation is built on the relationships between people who are sometimes working in isolation.

There are lots of ways for organisations to formally engage with SIX, either through collaborative projects or by being part of the Global Council. Given that networks are often defined by their numbers and the profile of people within them, we wanted to find a new way to tell the story of the individuals in our community. That is why we created the SIX 100.

We want to celebrate our relationship with the people who have played an important role in the development of SIX, and the global social innovation field over the last 10 years.

Below you can find short interviews with some of the global social innovation leaders who are part of the SIX 100.