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Programmes & Impact

Hosting SIX in Vancouver propelled social innovation thinking and acting in Vancouver and British Columbians beyond our wildest imagination. The key was assembling a diverse array of local partners and sponsors. In SIX's wake, enabling policy has been developed, new funding streams established and a constituency emboldened. Hosting SIX is a gift that keeps on giving. It's a delight to engage, play and dance with the world's best.

- Al Etmanksi, BC Partners for Social Impact, Canada

Our Programmes

Over the past decade, we have designed and developed a unique set of activities to help us achieve our mission. Our network approach leads the way we deliver them.

We help organisations build their social innovation and entrepreneurial capacity.
Find out more about our Capacity Building Programmes.

We develop key relationships to tackle societal challenges systemically. 
Find out more about our Leaders Networks.

We bring communities together to achieve greater impact.
Find out more about our Events & Convening.

Our Impact

We strongly believe in the impact of our activities and the importance of measuring it. Measuring the impact of a network is never easy and numbers rarely show the quality of interactions that make being part of the SIX community special and useful.

On top of some of the transformational stories of people and case studies focusing on organizations we worked with, we have developed our own impact measurement framework leveraging on our partners’ expertise on this topic and are currently assessing all our activities through it.

The first SIX Asia meeting, a gathering of social innovation leaders who came together in Hong Kong with senior civil servants, heavily influenced the establishment of the Hong Kong Social innovation fund, enabling more innovators in Hong Kong to access finance and support.

- Ada Wong, Founder, MaD, Hong-Kong

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