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Kelsey Spitz

Job Title: Advisor

Kelsey works closely with Jordan Junge as a partner-in-crime, supporting strategy development for the SIX Funders Node and Wayfinder series.

A long-time collaborator with SIX, Kelsey had the great privilege of partnering with the SIX team as Senior Associate at Social Innovation Generation (SiG) National. In her time with SiG, Kelsey co-created and facilitated the Alberta Social Innovation (ABSI) Connect Fellows initiative, a pan-provincial experiment to put social innovation to work for Alberta, and collaborated with her team to foster an enabling ecosystem for systems change in Canada.  

Over four years, Kelsey and the SiG National team worked closely with SIX on multiple projects and events, including the SIX Summer School in Vancouver, Funders Node gatherings at Wasan Island and the inaugural SIX Wayfinder in London. In celebration of SiG’s sunset in December 2017, Kelsey and her colleague, Geraldine Cahill, co-authored Social Innovation Generation: Fostering a Canadian Ecosystem for Systems Change to capture the lessons and insights of the SiG story.

Following the SiG sunset, Kelsey served as a social innovation specialist at the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), supporting an ongoing feasibility study for a pan-Canadian network for social innovators.

Kelsey will be sharing her time between SIX and CKX in Canada, where she will be guiding the design and launch of CKX’s signature cohort-based learning model. Kelsey holds a MSc in Culture and Society from the London School of Economics and a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She lives in Toronto, Canada.