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Josiane Smith

Job Title: Key Programmes Lead (Wayfinder and Funders Node)


Josiane is the Key Programmes Lead for the SIX Wayfinder and Funders Node.

The Wayfinder is one of SIX’s flagship programmes aimed at building the field of social innovation by bringing together key stakeholders across different geographies and sectors. Funders Node is one of SIX’s flagship programmes aimed at encouraging innovation in global philanthropic foundations, and supporting them to be more transformational.

In this role, Josiane develops core programme strategy and leads on its delivery. Her focus is on gathering market intelligence, bringing together unusual suspects, and build capacity around systems thinking in context and practice. Josiane is also responsible for the SIX Global Council.


In August 2014, Josiane began a five-year long journey exploring social and economic development across the Middle East. She moved to Amman, Jordan where she worked as a Social Development Specialist in a public cultural institution, and later became a Partnerships Director and Assistant Producer for a feature film and systems change project dedicated to boosting Jordan’s local food system. Josiane was also the Country Coordinator for an international startup-mentoring program, and the Business Development and Market Research Lead for the country's top design and innovation company.

An experienced facilitator, Josiane has delivered design thinking workshops and organised conferences for almost ten years with Makesense, a global social purpose organisation for citizens, entrepreneurs and organisations. She was nominated to be an RSA Fellow in 2014 whilst spearheading Bristol’s first and largest social enterprise conference, and became a Fellow of the London College of Political Technologists at Newspeak House in July 2019.

Josiane earned a first class honors in Sociology (BSc) at the University of Bristol, and specialised in social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and international development.

You can reach Josiane directly by email on or on Twitter @josianesmith.

Published works:

Climate of crisis and what this means for the social sector

SIX Summary of the Systems Innovation Conference 2019

Lessons for Global Collaboration South African and European Perspectives. Part one and Part two. 

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Story of our Time, Part II

The Four Waves

How has the discourse around philanthropy shifted after the events of 2020?

Co-written works:

What works for systems change? Part one and Part two

Taking Collaborative Action to Reduce Inequalities

Making the case for foundations in East Asia to embrace systems thinking

Edited works:

A global pandemic, an economic crisis: What can foundations, philanthropists, and funders do?

False binaries: A cautionary tale

The Aotearoa COVID-19 experience

You call It philanthropy, we call it ‘Devlopman Tèt Ansanm’