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Senior Designer opportunity

LOCATION: Anywhere in the world, but available for meetings 12-6pm BST
WORKING DAYS: Negotiable


SIX is looking for an experienced designer who can support and strengthen our communication as a global social innovation exchange - a field builder powered by a passionate team and a strong global collaborative network. 

Working closely with the rest of the SIX team, the designer will be responsible for translating and visualising SIX’s work and projects, including the SIX Wayfinder, a flagship event we are curating this year. The designer will be able to connect different parts of SIX’s work and provide a vision for SIX’s brand/design strategy. He/she/they will help us articulate our point of view more clearly and bring SIX’s mission and strategy to life, to challenge and grow the field of social innovation. 


SIX is a global social innovation exchange built on mutual value, relationships and knowledge. 

Established in 2008, we work with governments, businesses, academics, funders, practitioners and leading social innovation intermediaries to accelerate the field of social innovation around the world. Our mission is to create and strengthen environments where social innovation can thrive. We are currently delivering this mission in 5 areas:

  • Building the social innovation movement

  • Increasing the impact of philanthropy

  • Influencing policy to incorporate social innovation

  • Challenging universities to rethink their purpose

  • Embedding social innovation into corporate strategy 

Exchange is at the heart of everything we do. As an exchange, we facilitate purposeful conversations that challenge and inspire people to advance the field of social innovation.


  • Visual translator/storyteller - You will be able to connect different parts of SIX’s work and projects visually and translate metaphors, complex ideas, processes and text information into captivating visual content (infographics, illustrations, etc.). You will also be able to analyse and weave content and visualise different components into a holistic picture. You will be able to tell a story with your designs. 

  • Practitioner - You should be able to experiment with new ideas and creativity to our work and be able to convert ideas into practice. Your style is strongly grounded on practice and people rather than following the most trendy design styles. You are passionate about creating and curating engaging and unique content for our key audiences; you also care about good designs and are able to execute compelling visual designs on any outputs and interactions we produce. 

  • Design leadership - You will lead the design process in event/project design and implementation. You will ensure that SIX’s work and initiatives are framed appropriately and accessibly based on iterative design and research work, considering the impact on the multiple audiences SIX engages with. You will also have a vision for SIX’s design and brand strategy.

  • Co-designer - You will be part of our key projects, including SIX Wayfinder, co-designing activities, processes, outputs with colleagues (internally) and stakeholders (externally) involved in different initiatives. 

  • Educator/facilitator - You will also work with the team to lead, educate and inspire the team to embed design processes and mindset in their work and research, ensuring that our work is rigorous, practical and widely sharable. 


  • At least 10 years of professional experience successfully delivering social innovation projects with a strong process

  • Areas you may have demonstrated experience and knowledge -- service design, exhibition/event design, curatorial design, or other design disciplines relevant to SIX’s work (capacity building, knowledge production/research, event planning) 

  • Experience in design research, user-centred design, prototyping, service design, implementation, facilitation, training/education, participatory design, writing and publishing

  • Experience in working with diverse client groups -- charity/non-profit and civil society organisations, government, social enterprises, universities, companies, publishing/media

  • Experience in using various tools/software for print, web and/or film production


Please get in touch with So at by 3 July, 2020 and include your CV and portfolio in the e-mail. Applicants can be based anywhere in the world but they should be available for virtual team meetings between 12-6pm BST.