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Lankelly Chase Foundation, United Kingdom

We joined the SIX Global Council to learn from the global community, and it's also been a source of support when refining our strategies. Opportunities to present at events like the SIX Vancouver Summer School have been really useful for helping us connect with other foundations who are thinking systemically about their funding. 

- Jess Cordingly, Director, Lankelly Chase


  • Invitations to attend and present at SIX events 
  • Facilitating useful connections


  • Increasing global recognition of Lankelly Chase's unique way of working


  • Providing regular content personalised to Lankelly Chase's strategic goals
  • Support with refining funding strategy 

Introducing Lankelly Chase

Lankelly Chase is an independent foundation working in partnership with people across the UK to change the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage. Originally formed in 1962, Lankelly Chase’s work is now focused on creating an environment where people have the skills, motivation and freedom to help create a system that effectively responds to the interlocking nature of severe disadvantages, such as homelessness, drug misuse, violence and abuse, extreme poverty and mental ill health. Lankelly Chase is driven by a belief that people are resourceful and have strengths, and that collectively we can find solutions and create a fairer society where we are all able to thrive.

Why they joined

Globally, there are many more foundations with a focus and similar approach to creating the conditions for system change to occur. Lankelly Chase are a small organisation with limited time to give to being a part of this community on its own. By joining the council, opportunities opened up – in an easy way – to connect, share, support and stretch their thinking and practice on social innovation and systems change.

Key Outcomes 

The SIX Global Council has contributed to:

  • Increased global recognition as a systems change leader: Lankelly Chase is now recognised globally as a leading foundation in the practice of shifting funding strategy and funding systems change. They have inspired many other leading foundations to think more systematically about their funding and impact and become a more transformative grantmaker.

  • A refined funding strategy: Lankelly Chase have used the SIX community to refine their own strategy and develop a number of key relationships that help them to keep learning.  
  • The establishment of the Funders’ Node through which we aim to increase the flow of funding for systemic change and social innovation.

Working Together

  • We invited Lankelly Chase to the SIX Summer School in Vancouver in 2014 to present their work. During the event, they met with a handful of other foundations who were all interested in supporting social innovation. Together, they agreed to start the SIX Funders Node. This helped position them amongst the most influential foundations; many of whom now look to Lankelly Chase for inspiration in regards to funding practice and working methodology
  • We have profiled Lankelly Chase’s unique way of working through The Funders' Node and facilitated connections with people and organisations who have become trusted peers, with and beyond foundations, connecting them to influential players in the global social innovation movement including SiG in Canada and TACSI in Australia, amongst others.
  • We help Lankelly Chase quickly and easily navigate the field by providing regular personalised content focusing on themes most relevant to their strategic goals, inspiring their organisation along the way and sharing key social innovation resources and events, many of which would not otherwise cross their radar, given their size and focus.