A Breakfast on Networks and Systems Change

SIX recently hosted Tim Draimin for a breakfast in London with individuals working in networks and systems change. Tim works for the McConnell Foundation in Canada, is seconded to be the Executive Director of Social Innovation Generation (SiG) and is a member of the SIX Executive Board. After 10 years, SiG is sunsetting, as planned, at the end of 2017. This national, four-party partnership plus backbone organisation, has enabled social innovation to grow across Canada over the past 10 years by leveraging resources, developing capacity and making the case for social innovation. As the initiative prepares to close, Tim is working with a number of other stakeholders to develop what comes next.

With this context in mind, the breakfast on the 13th of October explored the challenges facing civil society, the power of partnerships and movements and reflections on Canada.


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A list of the breakfast attendees can be found below:

Name                                       Organisation

Alberto Masetti-Zannini               Impact Hub Kings Cross

Cassie Robinson                         Doteveryone

Charlie Leadbeater  

Faiza Khan                                Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Jordan Junge                             SIX

Julie Munk                                 SIX

Peter Ramsden                          URBACT

Shirley Cramer                          RSPH

So Jung Rim                              SIX

Tim Draimin                              SiG